Just like Charles Dickens

From “Have You Seen My Daddy’s 18 Wheeler?”

My Dad drives a big truck known as an 18 wheeler. It is called and “18 Wheeler” because it has 18 wheels – 10 on the tractor and 8 on the trailer. The tractor is in front and pulls the trailer. His truck can be many colors — red, white, blue or green. Maybe yellow. The name can be plain or it can be complicated. Dad says that everything we us is hauled in 18 wheelers.

Some of Dad’s trips take him from home for days at a time. Mom and I miss him when he is gone. He doesn’t have to stay in a motel, though, because his truck is so big that it comes with his own bedroom. Sometimes, when Dad is home, he and I spend the night in his truck bedroom and we have a lot of fun.

Dad has a bunk bed in his 18 wheeler. The lower is a full size bed and the upper is slightly smaller. The tractor is so big I can have a sleep-over with all my friends. It has satellite radio and television, microwave, slow-cooker, and mini-fridge so Dad can enjoy all the comforts of home. He even has a mini-stepper to exercise – Mom says otherwise he will get fat. There is lots of storage space for Dad’s clothes and the things he needs on his trip. Dad has to let his 18 wheeler idle when sleeping to keep warm or cool. With all this fancy equipment, he says his 18 wheeler is almost like being home.

This is a children’s picture book of 18 wheelers. Children, and bored adult passengers, can search for and spot 96 of these great American moving buildings. These 96 tractors represent over 84,000 tractors that we share the highways with. I figure it is easier to spot an 18 wheeler than it is that license plate from Kansas. You may order the book, and begin searching for these trucks, from russkingassoc@aol.com.

4. Words and Bed - Conway 3 Words and tractor Bed - Conway


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