What’s at those truck stops on the interstates, anyway?

From “Have You Seen My Daddy’s 18 Wheeler?”

You can spot Dad sleeping and resting in truck stops.  He has to stop driving after he has driven 11 hours, so he has to find a truck stop to park his 18 wheeler and stay for 14 hours.  He’s always looking for national truck stops like Pilot Travel Centers, Love’s Travel Stop, Petro Stopping Centers, or Travel Centers of America.

While he is on I-80, in Iowa, he tries to stop at Iowa80 Truckstop – “The World’s Largest Truck Stop.”

All truck stops include many of the things Mom and I get in town when we go shopping.  He can eat a nice meal; go shopping; exercise, take a shower, or wash his clothes; take care of business with their Wi-Fi, computers, and office areas; watch movies and television, or play video games.  Some stops have a museum, a barber shop, a doctor or chiropractor, and even a pet wash.  Sometimes Dad takes our dog with him on his trip.

These well maintained stops make his 14 hour stay much more enjoyable – although he still misses home.

Dad always starts his trip with an empty trailer.  He likes to tell this joke:

“Do you know what an empty 18 wheeler is hauling?”  — “Sailboat Fuel! !”

He thinks it is real funny, but Mom and I just groan and roll our eyes.

This is a children’s picture book of 18 wheelers. Children, and bored adult passengers, can search for and spot 96 of these great American moving buildings. These 96 tractors represent over 84,000 tractors that we share the highways with. I figure it is easier to spot an 18 wheeler than it is that license plate from Kansas.  The book is available on Amazon.com “Have You Seen My Dad’s 18 Wheeler?”, or you may order the book from russkingassoc@aol.com.  Then begin searching for, and spotting, these 18 wheelers.

6. Words and Truck Stops 5. Words and Empty Trailer21. Truck Pictures


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