The Depth of a Child’s Love

I’m a knarled, old civil engineer that enjoys solving problems more than small talking to even real good friends, let alone strangers or semi-strangers.  I’ve never been one to use metaphors or create situations that do not exactly respond to the issue at hand.  So, for instance, many years ago, some friends had a “Mother’s Day” party, where we were supposed to dress up related to “A Mother”.  Since I view things with a literal interpretation, and “a knarled, old civil engineer”, I had no idea about what to do, so just went as a plain person.  I was amazed by the creativity of others – one guy and his wife came dressed up as “Motorcycle Mamas”, one came dressed as a big, mean, bully or a “Real Mother”, and some came as their sweet old mother.  I thought – why couldn’t I be that creative?

I bring this up because, now I am a grandfather – “Poppa” to a 26 month old.  It is hard to grasp the depth of love she shows me when she runs to the door, I pick her up, and she wraps her little arms around me in greeting.  It doesn’t last long, just a few minutes, and she’s ready to get down and move on to other things and people, but she has expressed the depth of love that she feels for me, and it is wonderful.


So, a picture of “depth” can include the depth of love a child has for parents and grandparents.

Russell King


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