Yes, Folks, this is a real book, and I have it for sale.

A friend of mine told me to be more forceful if this Blog is intended to sell the book “Have You Seen My Daddy’s 18 Wheeler?”, not just present it.  So, how about that for a title?  I figure if Charles Dickens could sell millions of copies by drumming up support for “A Christmas Carol” through periodical presentations, I should be able to do the same thing — so far, though, not so good.  I believe my daughter said she liked the four earlier posts, but . . .

So far, I’ve introduced “Have You Seen. . .” as a children’s travel picture book, I’ve shown you what Dad’s sleeper looks like, a sophomoric joke about what an empty trailer is hauling (Sailboat Fuel!), what you can experience in a new, modern truck stop, how the sign for the truck stop looks like a totem pole, a simplified interstate map to keep track where you spotted Daddy’s 18 Wheeler, and pictures of what might be in his trailer.

Today’s entries describe special things Dad can be hauling:

Farm Equipment:

Farmers use lots of farm equipment to raise the crops for the food we eat.

Tractors, Combines, and Field Equipment are built in one part of America and used by farmers in another part of the United States or Canada.

On his last trip, Dad took a big Massey Ferguson Combine from the plant in Hesston, Kansas to a farmer in Ontario, Canada.

The combine was so big the wheels and head had to be carried on another big 18 wheeler.

Train Car:

Dad told Mom and I that the strangest load he ever hauled was the eight day trip he made from Clackamas, Oregon to Washington, DC.  He hauled a brand new, bright red, train car.  The train was on tracks mounted to the trailer.

That’s right, he hauled a train on his truck!  He said the train was so heavy, his trailer had 24 wheels and his tractor had 14 wheels.

So, I guess it does prove that everything really is hauled on Dad’s 18 wheeler.

If you are interested in this book and would like to order it, you may go to “Have You Seen My Dad’s 18 Wheeler?” or you may contact me directly at for a $5 reduction to a customer friendly price of $15 plus shippng.  Now, here are even more pages from the book:

11. Words and Trailer with Combine 12. Words and Trailer with Train


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