High End Horses travel almost as much as humans ! !

Just like Charles Dickens – Continuing with “Have You Seen My Daddy’s 18 Wheeler?”  This segment tells the story about how horses are transported.  Did you wonder how the Kentucky Derby winner, California Gold, got from California to Churchhill Downs?

Sometimes Dad transports horses.  He has a saying for this —

“Champion or Companion, Race or Plow,

Show or Stock,

I take horses across the United States

from dock to dock.”

14. Horse being unloaded 13. Words and Trailer for horses - Brookledge

He says this because horses are moved between farms, show grounds, and airports.

They might travel for days at a time from a horse ranch in Los Alamitos, California to Louisville, Kentucky

or for many hours on an airplane from Europe or South Africa.

Then they are loaded on an 18 wheeler for a few more hours to the race track.

Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, and Olympic Champions

are all moved in 18 wheelers.  The trailer has built in, padded paddocks,

with plenty of windows for fresh air to keep the horses comfortable.

Dad must be extra careful when driving this live cargo so they

remain comfortable and are not injured by sudden turns or stops.

A short walk down the ramp and the horses are on solid ground.

27. Truck Pictures28. Truck Pictures26. Truck Pictures

Your children would love to read the other interesting information about what Dad experiences on his truck driving trips.  Why don’t you help them to share the excitement of searching for these 18 wheelers while on that long driving trip on I-10 across Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.  The 96 tractors are rated for difficulty, so you can have challange matches to see who can spot the greatest number of tractors.  You can review and order the entire book from Amazon.com “Have You Seen My Dad’s 18 Wheeler?” or you may order copies at a customer friendly reduced price of $15 plus shipping from russkingassoc@aol.com.


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