The best things to haul in my 18 wheeler?

Charles Dickens finished “A Christmas Carol” eventually – and so, too, is my book “Have You Seen My Dad’s 18 Wheeler?” is completed.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my attempt to create a child’s picture travel book and to relate the experiences a 2nd grader has with his dad driving.  You may purchase copies to use on your family vacation travels to introduce your children and grandchildren to the wonderful world of 18 wheelers.  See what they haul, see how the truck stop signs are like totem poles, and learn what can be found at truck stops.  Visit my earlier blogs, go to “Have You Seen My Daddy’s 18 Wheeler?”, or contact me at and  I’ll be glad to send you enough copies for the whole family.

In the meantime, please enjoy the final installment:

Dad says that the best thing he ever hauls is in the tractor of his 18 wheeler, not the trailer.

15. Words and Tractor for Children - Kennesaw16. Words and Kids in Tractor

This is a message from Daddy:

Daddy loves driving his 18 wheeler, but I love my little boy and little girl even more.

As you pass my 18 wheeler, ask me to blow my air horn and I will blast your ears with a loud “Toot”!

Drive safely and I will watch for you if you watch for me.

 Now, search for, and spot, these 18 wheelers.  If you’re observant, you’ve noticed that my book contains pictures of 96 tractors, representing over 84,000 tractors.  Why don’t you see how many of them you can spot?

29. Truck Pictures 30. Truck Pictures 31. Truck Pictures 32. Truck Pictures


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