People love a challenge ! !

Do you remember that flash-in-the-pan called “Ice Bucket Challenge”?  I never took it, but many of my friends did and it certainly got a lot of chatter on social media.  But – a challenge contest! ! ?   Why not?  It seems that people enjoy challenges and  we all enjoy seeing who is the best, whether it is dumping ice water on our heads or seeing who can spot the most 18 wheelers as they travel down the interstate.  So, here is my challenge to all of you:

“Have You Seen My Daddy’s 18 Wheeler?” is a 2nd grader’s story about his truck driving Dad, with full color pictures of 96 tractors and a list of the number per firm in alphabetical order that represents over 84,000 tractors.  My challenge to you is to see if you can spot these 18 wheelers.  You might think that will be easy, but it will be more of a challenge than you think.

If you are interested, please contact me at, and I will send you as many copies as you want for $15 each, plus shipping.  Truckers are always taking the challenge and they certainly have the best opportunities because of their continual trips up and down the interstates – but what better activity to fill their 11 hour driving days?  Families, traveling on vacation or on that long-overdue trip to grandma’s house, can participate instead of watching the dvd.  Maybe Dad and Suzy can compete against Mom and Johnny to see who is more observant.  It can provide many hours of entertainment for your church group on it’s way to the service project or your next boy scout troop trip.  Maybe you can have a contest with the students in your 2nd grade class to see how many they spotted during spring break or on summer vacation.

The idea is to make each trip a challenge, fill out the list of the 18 wheelers you spot, and return it to me.  Just scan it, e-mail it to me, and I will keep a record of how many people participate and the trucks they spot.  You can take the challenge as many times as you want, for as many years as you please, until you have spotted every truck – and believe me, some of them will take years to spot, so your trucking enthusiast will have many opportunities to search for that missing truck.

None of us are politicians or lawyers, so it’s fair to assume no hanky-panky?  Just provide an honest list of the trucks you spot.

Thank you and good luck.

1. Cover with Title Cropped8. Map with words7. Words and Totem Pole21. Truck Pictures16. Words and Kids in Tractor31. Truck Pictures


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