Heavy construction can be photographic.

I purposefully re-blogged the photographic blog, “Finding my Purpose” to be able to compare photographs.  It is “soft”, inviting relaxation, time to kick your feet up, and sit back.  It shows good depth of field, certainly creates an inviting image, makes you want to move forward onto the dock, and has a thought provoking saying.

Below are two photographs with a completely different “feel” but still showing depth of perception.  They are “hard”, demanding a strong work ethic because there is still a lot of work to be completed.  They expose the difficult, intensive work, heavy equipment, and muscles still needed.  No time here for relaxation or sitting back.

I am a retired civil engineer photographing the reconstruction of several interstate highway bridges.

End of Beams (3)1. Cover, Rte 72 9 Cropped


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