Under Construction – But Soaring Towards Completion:

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symmetry.”

Bridges have been around since the first cave man put the first log across that stream in Africa so he could cross it without getting wet.  Today’s bridges are much more complicated and include many components to make them strong, smooth, and safe.  It must be capable of carrying pedestrians, bicycles, cars, busses, trucks, trains, and even airplanes.  But, before it can be used, the bridge must be constructed.

Here is a symmetrical view of a skewed bridge under construction.  To me, as a civil engineer charged with inspecting the construction, it shows that a lot of planning, designing, financing, and construction have already been completed but it also shows that a lot more still needs to be done before those thousands of vehicles per day can drive on it.

Guidance provided by Civil Engineers for bridge construction is similar to other infrastructure improvement projects — roads, buildings, sewers, and sewage treatment plants; water distribution, treatment and storage facilities; tunnels, power plants, mining, petroleum wells, water wells and storage facilities; electric and telephone towers; and airports.  Civil Engineers work on all of these facilities and many, many, more, both large and small.

Cover Picture Cropped Offset 2


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