Are you taking a family vacation this summer?

While on long travel vacations, do you help your children search for that license plate from Montana?  Maybe your difficult one was Delaware?  “Have You Seen My Daddy’s 18 Wheeler?” is an opportunity for traveling families to search for 18 wheelers instead of license plates – or maybe in addition to them.  I’ve photographed over 100 trucking firms into a colorful story book suitable for both children and adult passengers.  The firms represent over 87,000 tractors and comes with a list of the number of tractors that operate on the American highway system.
Flyer - Book 1 - Panther-J&R
The book contains a children’s story and colorful pictures describing what a 2nd grader thinks about daddy being a truck driver.  Children love the comparison of truck stop signs to totem poles, the sophomoric joke about what an empty 18 wheeler is hauling (sailboat fuel  ), as well as the photographs of both normal and unusual objects hauled by 18 wheelers (trains, fruits and vegetables, combines, and bicycles).  I’ve even included several arithmetic problems to show how truckers use arithmetic in their everyday job.
If you think it is important for your children to observe the world going by as they travel, if you like to challenge yourself and your friends or traveling companions, contact me and, for a crisp ten dollar bill, plus shipping, I will send you an interesting activity.  It’s amazing how fast the miles pass when you are searching for 18 wheelers.  Would you feel more comfortable getting it from  Go ahead, but, to tell you the truth, I make more royalty though I sell it for less than Amazon.
Osborn 1, Total Truck

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