Vacation Over? Now What?

So, your traveling vacation for 2015 is over?  You spent all that time planning and arranging it, than driving on the American interstate highway system for two days to Yellowstone and then back home to Ohio?  Did your children look out the window and see any of the intervening beauty that is America, or did they sit in the back seat, just staring at that simple children’s movie on the VCR?  Maybe you spent some time searching for those license plates – but you never did find those from New Mexico, Louisiana, or Delaware.

On your next vacation, or maybe on that trip to grandpa’s house at Thanksgiving, how about searching for 18 wheelers?  You’re familiar with them – those 80 foot long, 80,000 pound moving stores that we all deal with every day and that bring us everything we use.  Do your children realize how your local grocery store continues to stock milk, meat, bread, fruit, vegetables, and on and on?  How about combines for the farmers, or maybe a train for that light rail system in Washington, DC, or maybe the next Kentucky Derby winner from California?  They are all hauled on 18 wheelers.

“Have You Seen My Daddy’s 18 Wheeler?” is a picture book about these moving stores.  It contains full color pictures of 120 tractors that represent over 86,600 tractors that you can spot.  Points are assigned according to the number of tractors each firm has and then there is an alphabetical list of them.  The challenge is to see who can spot the most points.  Then there is a story told from a 2nd grader’s point of view about what daddy does as a truck driving man.  Finally, it includes photographs about some usual as well as unusual things daddy hauls.

10 different independent bookstores handle the book stretching from coast to coast and border to border.  For those of you that do not live in, or travel through, Tempe, Az.; Blytheville, Ar.; Salida, Co.; Denver, Co.; Savannah, Ga.; Woodstock, Il.; Wadena, Mn.; Oxford, Ms.; Cambridge, NY.; Hilton Head Island, SC; or San Antonio, Tx.; they are handled by or you may order them directly from me at

So, maybe you have a son who really likes trucks?  This makes a wonderful Christmas present.  Searching for, and spotting, 120 different trucks will keep him busy for many years.

Book 7, Sample_Page_01 Book 7, Sample_Page_05 Book 7, Sample_Page_07 Book 7, Sample_Page_08 Book 7, Sample_Page_10 Book 7, Sample_Page_11


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