Cee, you asked various questions – may I?

What type of popular candy you do not like to get?

Can I turn this around and say what type of popular candy do I LIKE to get?  I hope so.   There is an ice cream store in Crystal Lake named “Julie Anns”.  Technically it’s not “ice cream” but Frozen Custard, but it is the smoothest, creamiest frozen desert you will ever have.  So, you get their concrete with peanut butter cup mixed in.  And, absolutely no calories ! !

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500?

If it was completely free $500, I would love to stop at a good casino and play black-jack.

Would you rather ride one of the worlds longest zip lines or bungee jump one of the highest in the world? This will come with a 5-day all expense vacation.

We traveled past that zip line on our way from the Icy Straight “port” to Hoonah, Alaska in July, 2016.  I’m posting a photo of the abandoned White Pass train trestle.

I won’t do either one anymore.  In college, I painted 10 or 15 water towers and other stand-along steel structures and have had enough high-flying adventures.  Having repelled 30 feet down a rope from an overhead walkway and raced my boss by sliding down those angular cross members on water towers, I don’t need any more of that type of adventure.  My greatest two?

– I was on a sloping water tower roof in Galesburg, Illinois, 135 feet in the air and slipped on the paint I was applying, fell on my butt, and started sliding down.  I stopped by putting my feet against the roof rivets near the edge.  After getting over the shock, I got up, walked over to the ladder, climbed down, picked up my paint and roller, and climbed back up to complete the work.

– I was on a hanging scaffold underneath a water tower bowl in central Kansas, 85 feet in the air.  The wind was blowing strong enough that the scaffold was continually swaying and rocking from side to side.  After a few minutes of that, I got off, climbed down, and told the boss he had to do the painting and I would be the laborer.

I’ve since come to the realization that only young men would be foolish enough to do the kinds of stuff we all do when we are young – whether men or women.  Thank god we all can go through that but enough is enough.

Where do you eat breakfast?

I almost always eat at home – just plain old Raisin Bran with milk, OJ, and a banana.  If not at home, in Crystal Lake, we have several restaurants that serve great breakfasts.  So, when we go out any of those will work for a great omelette with potatoes and English muffin.  If I want something quick and inexpensive – McDonald’s always provides a functional EggMcMuffin.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

You know, I had a real good week last week, despite some very bad news.  I made a quick trip from Chicago to Cedar Rapids in gorgeous weather, beautiful blue skies and soft, warm breezes.  The farmers on both sides of I-80 were wrapping up harvesting corn and beans so there was lots of colorful farm equipment, yellows of corn – some harvested, some not; some topsoil browns as other farmers were tilling the earth getting ready for next years crops; and lots of greens, yellows, reds, and browns of the trees as they gradually get ready for the winter hibernation.

I photograph 18 wheelers and put them into a series of books titled “Have You Seen My Daddy’s 18 Wheeler?”, hence the title of my blog, and was able to get some outstanding photographs at both the Rochelle Travel Plaza and the I-80 Truck Stop.  Then I spent many enjoyable hours downloading them, arranging them into the books, and talking to truck owners about using them.  All together, I photographed about 35 firms, representing over 3,500 tractors that you can spot on the interstate.  I invite all of you to get a copy either from or directly from me – just contact me and we work out how to get them to you.  Then you, too, can take the Truck Spotters Challenge.

Continuing the beautiful weather and picture taking – I went to Chicago and got some marvelous photographs of people and buildings.  Chicago really is the world’s most beautiful city.

13. You're Never Too Old1. Diverging Towers - 1st Nat'l Bank6. Wrigley with Trump11. Millenium Bean

Combine Corn Cropped (1)White Pass - Not on this bridge!


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