Let’s Look at Book 2

Book 1 of “Have You Seen My 18 Wheeler?” was portrayed in my last Blog.  This week it is time for Book 2.  Book 2 contains:

  • Altanic Transportation
  • Challenger Motor Freight
  • Classic Carriers
  • Decker Truck Lines
  • Grans Island Express
  • Gray Transportation
  • KLLM Transport Services
  • May Trucking Company
  • Overbye Transport
  • Ozark Motor Lines
  • PAM Transport
  • Penner International
  • Schilli Transportation Services
  • Schneider International
  • SGT2000
  • Skinner Transfer Corp
  • Star Transport
  • Transport Corporation of America
  • US Xpress

Transport America 7, Tractor, Nikon

The tractors from these 19 firms represent 34,280 tractors that you can spot while driving the interstate highways of America.  Maybe your father or grandfather drives for one of these firms? Maybe you know someone that does?  Even if you have no known relative that drives one of these trucks, don’t you think it would be enjoyable to search for, spot, and get points for finding one of them while you travel?  Maybe your children would rather look for them than to try to find that license plate from Kansas, or maybe they are tired of the “ABC” game?

If you like a real challenge, “Have You Seen My Daddy’s 18 Wheeler?” contains a short story about what daddy experiences as he drives his big 18 wheeler plus pictures for 176 tractors that represent over 118,000 tractors.  When driving on I-40, all the trucks really keep you jumping.

I always think it strange that the signs for today’s truck stops look remarkably like totem poles carved many hundreds of years ago.  Take a look and tell me I am wrong!

Featured Image - Totem Pole

So, if you want something to keep your children excited about the long road trip they are about to take, or maybe the adult passenger would like to work with you to see who can spot the most trucks.  Just point out the truck, when it passes you get that many points if it is one of the trucks in either book, and then the next person gets his/her shot.  Keep track on the list.

Both books are available from Amazon.com for $15 each, (plus shipping, don’t forget) or you may order them from me at russkingassoc@aol.com for a customer friendly, reduced price of $10 each (plus shipping).

In case you wonder who I am, here is the link to an author spotlight done by my local newspaper:



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