Let’s Look at Book 3

1. Book 3 -- Cover

This is one of the plainer covers for “Have You Seen My 18 Wheeler?”  Just like the others, it contains 19 firms from all across America and a few from Canada.  All together the firms have about 27,490 tractors, but 14,000 of them are from Swift.  So, if you are playing the game of finding them, Swift will be the easiest to find.

That big, fancy orange 18 wheeler on the cover hauls high-end cars.  It has all the bells and whistles that an 18 wheeler can have.

Dart Transit Co. 5, Tractor, Nikon

Some drivers bring their best friend along for company.  This dog was just sitting there, in the tractor, waiting for something to happen.  Obviously he won’t help the driver actually drive it.

So, Book 3 includes

Central Refrigerated Transport

Churchill Transportation, Inc.

Conway Truckload (recently they changed their name to CFI)

Dart Transit Company

deBoer Transportation, Inc.

Halvor Lines, Inc.

Hirschbach Motor Lines, Inc.

H.O. Wolding, Inc.

J&R Schugel Trucking, Inc.

John Veriha Trucking, Inc.

Kennesaw Transportation, Inc. (I really like their Confederate Soldier Logo)

Lessors, Inc.


Panther Expedited Services, Inc.

PTL (Paschall Truck Lines, Inc.

Southern Refrigerated Transport, Inc.

Swift Transportation Co., Inc.

Texas Star Express

Total Transportation of Mississippi

When you go on vacation, or maybe when you drive between Chicago and St. Louis for your job, you can look for these trucks.  The Book No. 3 of the series will allow you to have a means to keep track of how many of these trucks you spot.  Your kids and spouse will enjoy the ride more if they have some reason to look out the windows.

Featured Image - Kennesaw Tractor

If you use “Have You Seen My Daddy’s 18 Wheeler?” you not only get a story about what daddy experiences with his 18 wheeler, you get to search for, spot, and get points for more than 176 tractors, representing more than 118,000 total tractors available on the interstate highways.  Wow, can that keep you and your family busy.

Book 7, Sample_Page_01

You can order either or both of them from Amazon.com.  I encourage you to order them from me, though, at russkingassoc@aol.com.  I sell them for $10 each, plus shipping.  I’ll take your check.  Amazon sells them for $15 plus shipping.  It is up to you.


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