The Bean

11. Millenium Bean

Probably the most photographed item in the City of Chicago.  But, still, this view of people in front of the “Bean”, overlooking the ice-rink, with all the distorted buildings across Michigan Ave., on a perfectly clear, blue-skyed day, creates a very unusual photograph.

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Not This Way !

There’s an old trestle bridge on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad that’s been abandoned and by-passed by a new railroad line around it.  Every day thousands of people see it as they take that tourist train either out of or into Skagway, Alaska from their cruise ship.  Just like all other relics around […]

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The Perfect Telephone Number?

I’m trying to find the perfect telephone number.  What defines the perfect number and what is yours?  Do you have it? The perfect telephone number is one that includes all ten digits – you know 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0.   I’m not enough of a mathematician to know how to calculate them but let’s start by explaining that […]

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Vacation Over? Now What?

So, your traveling vacation for 2015 is over?  You spent all that time planning and arranging it, than driving on the American interstate highway system for two days to Yellowstone and then back home to Ohio?  Did your children look out the window and see any of the intervening beauty that is America, or did […]

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