Ok, now how about Book 9?

Book 9 contains the pictures of 19 different firms, each of which is a sleeper tractor with a van trailer, either a dry van or a refrigerated van.  For you novices, a sleeper tractor contains an area as large, or larger than, a queen sized bed for the driver’s rest and relaxation.  Some tractors include […]

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Moving on to Book 8?

Have you noticed the missing blogs?  I had a computer crash so had to buy a new one and then get it assembled and working.  In addition, I am on a two month extended vacation to both New Mexico and then to South Carolina. How would you like to have this view out of your […]

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OK, Let’s Move On to Book 6

The pictures you can find in Books 1 thru 5 have been identified.  Let’s see what is in Book 6, shall we?  The cover has a sharp, red, Volvo tractor from Raider Express.  They are a medium sized firm hauling out of Forth Worth, Texas with 160 power units.   Raider is teamed with the […]

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OK, now let’s look at Book 5

If you follow this blog you know that “Have You Seen My 18 Wheeler?” is a picture book of 18 wheelers.  Books 1 thru 4 have a total of 76 firms with more than 90,945 tractors.  Tractors with sleepers and pulling either dry or refrigerated vans are pictured.  The idea is for children and bored […]

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Let’s Look at Book 3

This is one of the plainer covers for “Have You Seen My 18 Wheeler?”  Just like the others, it contains 19 firms from all across America and a few from Canada.  All together the firms have about 27,490 tractors, but 14,000 of them are from Swift.  So, if you are playing the game of finding […]

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Let’s Look at Book 2

Book 1 of “Have You Seen My 18 Wheeler?” was portrayed in my last Blog.  This week it is time for Book 2.  Book 2 contains: Altanic Transportation Challenger Motor Freight Classic Carriers Decker Truck Lines Grans Island Express Gray Transportation KLLM Transport Services May Trucking Company Overbye Transport Ozark Motor Lines PAM Transport Penner […]

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